Shopping Centre Entrance Matting

Shopping centre entrance matting can experience periods of constant high footfall. Entrance matting must effectively reduce slips and falls while promoting a positive brand experience and help to reduce cleaning costs. Creating a positive brand experience isn’t limited to the design of the interior and building, but also if the space is clean and well maintained.

Products specified in these environments need to be functional and aesthetically pleasing to customers and potential brands that may want to launch a new store within the shopping centre.

Footfall within shopping centres can increase to very high levels during seasonal holidays and sale periods. Entrance matting needs to be able to cope with higher levels of constant traffic and effectively remove dirt and moisture from footwear and wheeled traffic. One of the main priorities for shopping centres is to reduce internal floor covering cleaning costs. They strive to maintain a positive first impression with clean and well-presented internal flooring.

Entrance matting supports safety and cleaning, but it’s not just functional it can also support interior design and branding. Our product range includes options to integrate the shopping centres logo or brand colours within the entrance matting inserts. A truly bespoke product can be created.

Our expert team has a wide range of experience supporting entrance matting specifications for shopping centres small and large. The COBA Flooring installation team can even install your project overnight to limit trading downtime.

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