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Retail Entrance Matting

Retail entrance matting has many key functions to perform, such as keeping shops clean, safe from slip hazards, and creating inviting entrance areas for shoppers. The matting selected will need to remove debris and moisture from footwear to prevent slip accidents and reduce cleaning costs of internal floor coverings.

Correctly specified and installed entrance matting is essential for all small to large retail environments, including superstores and supermarkets. These retail spaces may differ in size, but they will all have the same key requirement to cope with high daily footfall, the outdoor elements, and to cope with wheeled traffic..

When it comes to wheeled traffic, entrance matting requirements can differ. Smaller retail stores may not use trolleys, whereas for larger stores such as supermarkets this is an important deciding factor when selecting entrance matting. Supermarkets and other larger stores that use trolleys will require more robust, hardwearing entrance matting that can cope with constant wheeled traffic.

The retail entrance matting selected will also need to complement the entrance and building surroundings. To help achieve this we’re able to offer the option to include logos, brand messaging, and even entrance matting inserts in a range of different colours.

Our expert team has a wide range of experiencing specifying entrance matting for the retail industry. We even have our own installation team to ensure a high-quality finish

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