Healthcare Entrance Matting

It’s essential for entrance matting within healthcare to support health and hygiene effectively. Budgets can often be tight making the specification process even more important to get right the first time. Correctly installed entrance matting will also prevent trip and slip accidents.

Entrance matting is the first defence for healthcare environments against scraping contaminants from footwear and all kinds of wheeled traffic. These systems also effectively prevent slips and reduce internal floor covering cleaning costs.

Rigorous cleaning rotas will already be in place within hospitals and monitored by a facilities manager. This team will be looking to stop all debris from footwear and wheeled traffic from entering the building. Debris will contain contaminants such and as dirt and germs that can be detrimental to health and hygiene, especially within a hospital. Hospital entrance matting helps to Improve healthcare standards by preventing contaminants from entering healthcare buildings.

The entrance matting specified for healthcare environments needs to be able to cope with, high and constant flows of traffic. These types of entrances are also subjected to environmental elements with doors opening and closing all the time. Specifications should include high-performance entrance matting that is also budget-conscious, promotes hygiene, looks inviting, and safe to walk on by all.

Increased safety underfoot needs to be a priority in busy locations like hospitals. it’s reported that slips mostly occur on wet, contaminated flooring. With entrance areas potentially in use 24/7, there is no real downtime.

Our expert team has experience specifying entrance matting for a range of healthcare facilities, including major hospitals. The COBA Flooring installation team can install overnight or at the most appropriate time for the client and have experience installing entrance matting under revolving doors.

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