Entrance Matting for Transport

When specifying entrance matting for transport it’s vital to have public safety as a high priority, due to the vast numbers of daily foot traffic. Airports, train stations, and bus stations can have footfall reaching the thousands every week. The potential for slip and trip accidents is high.

Entrance matting can increase safety underfoot, preventing slips in areas where there is constant high footfall, which is often the case at transport hubs. When specifying for these types of public areas, it’s important that the entrance matting can also withstand high volumes of wheeled traffic, from luggage trolleys, baggage trolleys, and small indoor wheeled vehicles. The product selected must be able to cope with heavy loads. Aluminium entrance matting is often the best choice, due to its high durability.

It’s also important to take into account that foot and wheeled traffic will often be traveling in multiple directions in and out of an entrance. Entrance matting for transport needs to be resilient and hard-wearing to cope with the daily demands of scraping dirt and wiping moisture, as well as being exposed to environmental elements.

Part of the specification process will include ensuring the entrance matting is the correct length to effectively scrape dirt and wipe moisture before stepping onto internal floor coverings. This is essential for preventing slip accidents.

Our expert team has lots of experience recommending the ideal products to prevent slips within the transport industry, while ensuring that entrance matting complements the building’s aesthetic. When it comes to installation our experienced team can be flexible to remove and install entrance matting at a time of the client’s choice, reducing any concerns about disruption.

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