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Entrance Matting for Sport and Leisure

Entrance matting for sport and leisure is essential for helping to establish a positive and professional impression, while preventing slip accidents and protecting internal floor coverings from being soiled.

Traffic levels can vary within the sport and leisure industries. Stadiums will experience high traffic on match days or during special events. At these times there will be an increased focus on the health and safety of large crowds. The entrance matting will need to be robust to effectively scrape and wipe moisture from footwear, preventing slip accidents. Entrance areas where players will be walking on the flooring with muddy, studded footwear, will need entrance matting that is robust enough to remove tough dirt and provide safe footing.

Gyms, leisure centres, swimming pools, and yoga studios also need efficient entrance matting that prevents slips accidents, reduces cleaning costs, and compliments the building. Traffic levels can vary based on the size of each of these businesses, this will help to specify the most effective entrance matting for the area.

To help complement the existing entrance area and building, we offer the option to integrate logos and branding within entrance matting systems.

Our expert flooring team has a wide range of experience specifying effective and aesthetically pleasing entrance matting for the sports and leisure industries. We even have our own installation team to ensure a professional finish. Our team can even install overnight to reduce any disruption.

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