Request Specifying Entrance Matting CPD

    Not always one to be found at the top of an architects ‘special interest’ list, entrance matting is a nevertheless an integral part of an operationally successful building. Every member of staff, visitor or client tends to come through the front door of a building, collectively bringing with them significant amounts of dirt and moisture, albeit sometimes hard to see with the human eye. Entrance matting is the unsung hero in maintaining the appearance of the rest of the building, which is incredibly important in the increasingly clean and minimalist environments in which we live and work. Entrance matting also plays a huge role in keeping floor surfaces safe.

    A fresh look at entrance matting specification

    Our new CPD on the topic of specifying entrance systems brings together all the experience from the last ten years in the marketplace. We uncover some of the lesser-known considerations that every specifier should be thinking of when he or she selects a matting solution for their next project.

    Did you know for example that slips and trips are the most common cause of injury at work and costs industry £500m per year, and that by specifying the wrong type of matting could lead to increased moisture being walked in? Or were you aware that according to industry figures it could cost £500 to remove 1kg once inside a building, which equates to a cleaning bill of £5,800 per month for a 1,000 occupant building?

    Entrance matting doesn’t have to be dull either; many systems can be taken to the next level with some simple design techniques and a little imagination.

    Key takeaways

    We hope that our CPD not only illuminates delegates to the benefits of entrance matting, but will also elevate your understanding of best design practices, and more importantly how to ensure compliance with UK building regulations. Learn more about the categories of entrance mat system and where to use them. From heavy duty aluminum systems designed for the highest footfall buildings in transport and retail, to lightweight entrance carpet solutions designed for less demanding environments in education and leisure.

    Have you every wondered why there are so many varieties of entrance matting available – surely they all perform the same function? We answer questions like this in more depth by walking through each product type and their common applications.

    As a UK based manufacturer and specialist in entrance matting we have an advantageous position to provide clear, knowledgeable guidance on this subject. Also, as part of the globally successful COBA International group of companies, we aim to provide a superior level of quality and service.