NEW eBook – A Facility Manager’s Guide to Entrance Matting Installation


‘A Facility Manager’s Guide to Entrance Matting Installation’ is the latest eBook to be published by COBA Flooring. This informative, quick reference guide features lots of practical tips to help entrance matting installation projects run smoothly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.  What’s more, it has been written specifically for facilities managers, and includes expert advice from both the entrance matting manufacturer’s and flooring contractor’s perspective.

The 12-page guide points out some key facts that should be taken into account in the planning (pre-installation) phases.  It talks about the importance of a site survey for more complex, or custom-made to order entrance matting projects, such as aluminium systems for example, and includes a handy checklist of considerations that should be discussed with floor contractors before the installation commences covering all sorts of aspects, from door thresholds, and sub-floor preparation, to health and safety, security systems and cleaning.


Entrances can be busy areas, especially if they are main entrances to buildings or public access areas.  That is why minimising any downtime, or inaccessibility, should be a priority during any entrance matting installation project.  Ensuring plans are in place to accommodate this is a must, not just from an operational point of view, but also for Health and Safety reasons.

As an entrance matting manufacturer, we work with many different flooring contactors, as well as carry out our own entrance matting installations, and one piece of advice we always like to give to customers, is to make sure they have factored in sufficient time for the install. It can very often be under-estimated, which can have knock-on repercussions if other trades people are on site, or if the doorway needs to be open to the public or staff.  It’s good to have a plan!

If you are considering an entrance matting installation of any kind, whether it’s for a refurbishment or new-build project, we urge you take a quick read of our guide. While many of our entrance matting systems are straightforward to install (we offer both ‘off-the-shelf’ and custom-made options), there are always other factors that need to be considered by the facilities manager, or the individual in charge of the building. A few minutes reading this could save a lot of time and hassle during the installation!

‘A Facility Manager’s Guide to Entrance Matting Installation’ can be downloaded for free here.

And don’t forget if you need any assistance in selecting the right matting for your environment, then please get in touch with our specialist commercial entrance matting team.  We are a British based manufacturer, providing a service nationwide offering a comprehensive range of BIM listed entrance matting options.

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