Matting Solutions for Revolving Doors

Matting is essential for the smooth operation and appearance of your entrance and can aid in keeping your internal spaces clean.

Give visitors the best first impression of your building with our COBA Entrance Matting Systems.

We know that revolving doors can save your company a significant amount of money on its energy bills, allow you to regain interior floor space, help you stand out from the rest of the buildings on the block and that the door should last decades past the purchase date. This is all true, as long as you don’t neglect one critical item during installation: the matting.

Door installation companies have an opportunity to include entrance matting solutions in their projects and increase their revenue. By including COBA entrance matting with your door installation, this will give your customer the full entrance solution. Giving your customer a full solution provides them with peace of mind as it will likely result in a smoother installation and less ‘downtime’. COBA’s high-quality products and careful specification support will ensure that the matting underneath a revolving door has an optimal lifespan.

COBA offers an extensive range of entrance solutions available in Aluminium options, PVC tiles and carpet. Every product combines style and delivers heavy-duty wear resistance, for busy entrance areas subjected to high volumes of pedestrian footfall and wheeled traffic.

entrance matting Installation

Aluminium option

 Aluminium Entrance Matting is the best choice for a revolving door, and it makes the entrance of any building look and feel great for any visitor, but only when it is installed correctly.

Our team members are trained to install both off the shelf and bespoke products to a high standard. They have years of experience with COBA products, and so know them inside out.

A properly fitted aluminium entrance mat will be accurately cut on all sides to the shape of the matwell, ensuring a perfect fit. Once fitted this creates rail alignment across the whole matwell area. The installation team needs to ensure that the mat will lie flat in the matwell for safe access to everyone, including wheeled traffic and trolleys. Having the correct size will ensure that the mat is not a tripping hazard for anyone entering the revolving door. We offer an installation service to ensure customer satisfaction for even the most difficult jobs.

To ensure an effective and easy install, the COBA team can also provide cut-out quarters of the revolving door circle, with an opening for the revolving door middle pillar.


Our Plan.a Aluminium Entrance mat works well with revolving doors due to its durability; it can be shaped around pillars by our expert installation team. These mats can be installed according to your specific needs.


Aluminium entrance matting is one of the most durable and effective solutions for dirt defence in a commercial building. This makes it ideal for a revolving door that is constructed to ease the flow of high traffic, but it can also be a more expensive option, representing a significant investment for some businesses.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic budget has become more of an issue for all investment decisions. That is why COBA provides a wide range of options for entrance matting systems specifically for revolving doors, to ensure that we have the solution that suits your pocket.


PVC Tile Option

If business downtime is not an option, or you happen to own a copy of the installation guide for dummies, then this choice is for you.

PVC tiles are easy to install and cut according to specification. PVC (polyvinyl chloride plastic), sometimes termed ‘Vinyl’, is the lower cost option, but care has to be taken where the matting is situated as it is not suitable for very cold environments. Harsh climatic conditions can eventually make PVC brittle and prone to cracking.

Alternatively, we recommend opting for an aluminium option with scraper inserts to ensure that the friction for the revolving door does not cause too much wear and tear.


Have something specific in mind for your revolving door?

We like to ensure that we are able to provide our customers with as many options as possible to guarantee that they get the look and feel that they have in mind, as well as being practical solution for their specific needs.

If you’re not sure what you are looking for between the options, a site survey is available. Our dedicated Sales Account Managers will be able to provide you with an expert opinion on what would be the best matting solution for your revolving door.

We’re also happy to support customers remotely over a video call. From seeing inside a working environment, we can usually advise as to suitable solutions for your revolving door.

Custom Matting for your revolving door

We take pride in being a company that is ‘more than just matting’ and we look for solutions in each situation. The COBA Flooring team have completed a project for The Distillery Bristol, where the look and feel of the building type would just not fit with a regular old rectangular shape entrance mat.

The Plan.a was installed underneath a round revolving door which has a self-driven motor. This gives a nice flow of lines making it appealing to the eye and creating a welcoming entrance.

The Distillery revolving door

It’s possible to add branding and style to your entrance mat with our logo inserts. You can even reduce the risk of injury by adding arrows and stop signs to aid safe movement of people.

The COBA team also completed a project for PCI in South Africa, where arrows and a “no-entry” sign were inserted into the mat to avoid injury when using the revolving door, this also made the mat more interesting.


Checks to ensure longevity of your revolving door entrance mat

  • The floor surface of the matwell needs to be level to avoid wear and tear of the mat as well as tripping hazards
  • The height of the product should be considered to avoid the revolving door from snagging or a draft coming through the gap created by too much friction from the door.
  • The floor frame or mat well ring should be level with the matting system.
  • The mat should be cleaned and maintained to prevent early replacement.

Due to budget restrictions caused by the world-wide pandemic, cleaning and maintaining your mat is more cost effective then replacing. Download our Cleaning and Maintenance guide to assist you with a cost-effective solution.

Issues caused by matting underneath a revolving door

  • If the product is installed into the matwell without taking in to account the product height then the revolving door may cause friction on the mat, resulting in faster wear and tear to the mat.
  • If the mat is worn out there will be a gap between it and the revolving door, which can create a draft.
  • Although aluminium matting would be the best option for a revolving door, it is the most premium solution, but definitely worthwhile for the quality.
  1. An Account Manager will be able to provide you with the best matting solution for your replacement once a site survey is completed.
  2. Revolving doors have a set of keys that can unlock the doors to be moved out of the way.
  3. Once the revolving door is out of the way the mat is cut to the specific shape of the matwell and spilt into four sections (only applicable to the circle shape of the revolving door).
  4. These sections can then easily be installed in the matwell against the pillar of the revolving door.

Our highly skilled installation team is also able to work through the night to avoid business down time.

For more information on matting solutions for your revolving door contact our dedicated sales team today!

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