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Is Aluminium Entrance Matting worth the investment?

Aluminium entrance matting is one of the most durable and effective solutions to dirt defense in a commercial building, but it can also be one of the most expensive, representing a significant investment for some businesses. Here we look at some of the key considerations in deciding whether aluminium is right for you.

Coping with High Daily Footfall

If you’re a high street shop, a busy office building or even a London bakery, you probably experience what we would consider medium to high levels of foot traffic. These types of entrance benefit from the increased robustness that aluminium offers; lighter grade matting will degrade more quickly when exposed to high numbers of people walking over it. The added benefit of aluminium is that it can often cope more easily with wheeled traffic such as push chairs, trolleys and wheel chairs. Buildings located within city centres, airports and hotels are all sure candidates for durable aluminium entrance matting.

Effective entrance matting will not only prevent slips and trips from wet shoes, but has the added benefit of protecting internal floor coverings. Cleaning and maintenance costs can be hugely cut by the installation of the right solution.

Unusual Entrances

When you opt for aluminium your project is created bespoke to your needs. The size, colour, and the type of inserts used can be tailored specifically to the requirements of your environment. Aluminium entrance matting is ideal if you have an unusually shaped entrance area as it will be made-to-measure anyway.

Turnaround Time

Aluminium systems can be made in the UK to your specification from just a few days, so this is not usually a consideration most well planned projects have to take into account.


Aluminium entrance mats enable you to have more freedom with design choices. You can select colour and material combinations to match your brand colours, or the décor of the building. Aluminium is not only more resilient that some alternatives but can also add a more professional look to a building.


The life span of the entrance matting can be prolonged, as long as a regular cleaning & maintenance routine is implemented. This can be a huge cost saving in the long run.


The classic acronym in business we all get challenged to demonstrate in the boardroom, but something that is habitually tricky to measure. When it comes to aluminium mats you firstly have to point to the increased lifespan they can offer over carpet or tile solutions. Then you have to remember that throughout its useful life and aluminium mat is doing the following:

  • Reducing the risk of costly slips and trips caused by the ingress of dirt and moisture by foot.
  • Preventing damage and cleaning costs to the main floor surface inside a building (often a valuable ceramic or vinyl surface in a commercial building).
  • Contributing to the first impression that visitors and potential customers see when they arrive at your establishment.


Entrances are the first things that people see when they enter a building, so it is important that the space look impressive in order to make a good first impression. We recommend devoting as much of your budget you can on the right entrance matting solution, to reap the benefits in the long term.

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