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Introducing PathMaster³

PathMaster³ is the latest addition to our entrance matting range.  Its introduction follows the popularity of COBA’s established PathMaster collection, and now means that a carpet tile option is available, alongside rolls, within the range.

The durable tiles are both stylish and practical, while offering real versatility in the finished design and ease of installation.  Each tile features an eye-catching self-striped surface, created through strips of polypropylene fibres.


Tiles can be laid in a variety of patterns, from straight lay designs to striking checkerboard effects achieved by laying the tiles in different directions and incorporating alternating colours.  There is a choice of tile size based on colour, either ‘cubed’ in 45cm x 45cm in the anthracite and grey options, or rectangular in ‘planks’ measuring 23.5cm x 75cm in the anthracite/grey option.

A key feature of this innovative entrance mat system is that it is easy to install. PathMaster tiles are simply bonded to the floor surface using a tackifier.  Individual tiles can be replaced as required, without the need to invest in an entirely new system.  The tiles are also less bulky than rolls, which makes transportation and handling in general, an easier task.


The abrasive surface effectively brushes dirt and wipes moisture from shoes. The surface is solid preventing dirt from falling through the mat, making cleaning a quick task. The entrance matting system is robust, which means that PathMaster³  is suitable for locations subjected to heavy-duty footfall. UPDATE: Since writing this we have reviewed this product, it is suitable for low to medium traffic.

PathMaster³  is available in three colours: anthracite, grey and anthracite/grey. The range now comprises PathMaster Alu, PathMaster Duo, and PathMaster3.


Stylish carpet entrance matting designed to protect internal flooring. Take a look at the Pathmaster Duo for more information

The most budget-conscious entrance matting is available to feature aluminium. Take a look at our Pathmaster Alu for more information.

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