Entrance Flooring for Hotels


Are you involved with a hotel construction or refurbishment project?

Then, COBA Flooring offers a wide range of stylish entrance matting and entrance flooring options to enhance your hotel reception foyers. These include bespoke aluminium entrance flooring systems that can withstand the wear and tear associated with high volume footfall and wheeled luggage.

Our durable Plan.a aluminium entrance mat systems are the perfect choice for busy city centre or airport hotels.  While we manufacture our aluminium entrance matting bespoke to order, this can normally be turned around within three to five days.  A templating service can be provided, and installation can be arranged through the flooring contractors we work with nationwide.

Check out our wide range of Plan.a aluminium entrance matting solution available with a variety of inserts that suit your requirements.



While Plan.a entrance matting from COBA Flooring is available in a choice of surface finishes, it is also possible to inlay a bespoke logo mat into the system, which really adds a touch of panache to any hotel entrance.  These are especially popular with hotel chains where promoting the corporate brand is a top priority.

If an aluminium entrance matting system is beyond your budget, we also have many lower-cost entrance flooring alternatives, including options for those looking for value-engineered solutions.  PathMaster is a great example, and it is the ideal choice for those projects where budgets are under pressure. PathMaster looks like a whole entrance mat in a box, ideal for zone – 2, intermediate matting. PathMaster Cubed is a simple yet effective entrance matting solution with a creative design impact. Two different colour combinations are available, featuring anthracite grey and grey. Numerous laying patterns offer added flexibility for creating your desired finish, to complement any building. This solution has a solid surface design, making cleaning and maintenance easy with regular vacuuming.

Check out the Pathmaster3. This entrance matting is the ideal solution to give your hotel that finished look

We are experts at providing hotels with entrance mat solutions. Our matting solution is designed to keep your building clean.

Dirt from shoes is bad for business because:

  • It makes the place look dirty
  • It makes the floors wear out prematurely
  • It makes the floor slippery

You require an entrance matting solution to stop it in its tracks. You probably don’t think about mats until:

  • Your reception floor is dirty
  • The floor in your building is slippery
  • Your expensive floor gets damaged

These problems are caused by dirt being walked through the door and can be avoided with the correct entrance matting solution for your site. Our team of experts are ready to assist you with choosing the best entrance matting for your hotel. The option would depend on what is the amount of traffic and what type of traffic would be moving over the mat.

You most likely would require an indoor and outdoor matting solution to keep your guests and staff safe from slipping accidents. For the most effective solution to dirty, muddy feet, we recommend installing an outdoor mat that extracts the worst of the dirt and snow from shoe soles before it gets a chance to enter the building. Choose a outdoor mat that offers a robust rubber honeycomb construction with excellent crush and soil resistance, suitable for all weather conditions, that is practical, and a stylish mat to optimises the cleanliness of your hotel lobby in all weathers.


Chat with our experts to get the recommended outdoor mat for high-traffic entrances, the moulded bevelled edges accommodate excellent wheelchair access while helping prevent trips.

Logo Matting for your hotel

Our hotel entrance mats can improve the initial impression. These high-quality mats are ideal for the lobby or reception area of your hotel and will add a sense of elegance while keeping the floors looking cleaner for longer. Get your hotel entrance mats online or seek guidance from our team of professionals.

Hotel entrance mats help maintain a hotel’s lobby’s cleanliness and aesthetic appeal. Offering premium quality in both appearance and durability, our hotel door mats help trap dirt, water, snow, and debris from your guests’ shoes, keeping your reception areas pristine all day. Now that we know of the practical benefits of an entrance mat and of course the aesthetic feel of the finished look. There is more to an entrance mat.

An entrance mat can be used as marketing material. You can add your branding to the entrance mat and gain more footfall traffic and brand awareness from the welcoming entrance.

Sizes of Hotel Entry Matting

When it comes to how well a doormat functions, size does matter.

Guests hardly ever pause to wipe their feet on a mat, and a modest hotel entrance mat is scarcely touched by rolling suitcases. The more times a large mat is stepped on with both feet (preferably, at least three times), the more water and dirt it can remove, helping to keep the lobby clean for much longer.

Typical door mats start at 60 cm × 90 cm (2 ft x 3 ft), however these are suitable for smaller, interior doorways rather than your main entry.

For large hotel entrances, think about choosing a mat that is at least 90 cm by 150 cm (3 ft x 5 ft) in size or longer.

Materials and Performance of Entrance Mats

What do you expect from the hotel’s welcome mat? Do you own a 5-star hotel in the city centre or a small boutique B&B? Think about regular use, and make purchases based on how much foot traffic you anticipate.

Our entry mats are rated for crush resistance, toughness, and absorbency to show how well they will function. For instance, entrance mats with rubber backing are more expensive but also more durable, flexible, and unlikely to slip on smooth floors.

Although Our Plush Option is particularly well-liked for opulent settings and provides outstanding value and a gratifyingly luxuriant foot sensation, we don’t suggest these for extremely busy hotel entrance areas. The most opulent mat in our line is our commercial-grade Premier-Plush, which is also available in bespoke widths and lengths.

Fire Resistant Hotel Entrance Mats

Hotel entrance mats must keep your customers safe at all times, which is why we stock a range of plush fire-resistant hotel door mats.

Our entrance mats are fire tested to ensure the safety of your employees and guests and suited to your requirements.

Easy clean hotel door mats

Hotel entrance mats experience a lot of footfall, so it’s only natural that they gather dirt quickly, especially in poor weather.

Luckily, our hotel door mats are easy to clean — simply vacuum the mat’s surface once the water has dried, and the dirt and debris will quickly lift – returning your mat to its pristine condition.

Additionally, many of the hotel entrance mats in our range are machine washable, while more extensive barrier matting can be cleaned with a commercial carpet cleaner if needed.

Doormats for hotels — Right Mat, First Time

Our hotel entry mats are purchased from ISO-accredited suppliers, providing consistently high-quality goods. Every mat we sell has undergone comprehensive stress testing, therefore we are sure in the superiority of our goods.

Quality is always prioritised. Quality also contributes to product longevity, value for money, and safety.


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