7 ways to involve Entrance Matting in your Interior Design

We review something often overlooked – matching matting with interior design choices such as wall colour, secondary flooring and other surface materials.

You only get one first impression, and in a building the Entrance Matting behind the door can have a huge impact on this. This is why it is so important from a functional and aesthetic point of view. Good quality entrance matting is essential so that the flooring in the rest of the building is kept protected from dirt and moisture from outside. As the seasons change, it becomes more and more important to trap dirt and moisture within the building’s entrance matting.


Matching matting to wall colour and the overall décor of the business, needs to be more of a priority, because matting shouldn’t just be functional. It should also have aesthetic appeal. In terms of integrating with the overall décor of the building, this can be done by choosing one of our subtle matting colours in our COBA Flooring range or a more contrasting colour, to make more of a statement if this is in-keeping with the company ethos and brand culture.

People can now be more creative in their interior choices. They can reflect their business personality and ethos through colour, from the moment a visitor enters their premises.

Try to choose colours that suit your business, while accommodating other surrounding colour tones and the building’s architecture.

Neutral palettes are often a good starting point. The key is to be able to seamlessly connect the entrance décor with the rest of the building. Also consider how the colours you choose reflect the business or building.

We’ve put some handy mood boards together to help get you started when considering matching entrance matting to wall colour:

Modern Office

We’ve teamed up Plan.a with Charcoal Needlepunch inserts with this strong contemporary look.

Industrial Chic 

PVC inserts not only perform a great job at scraping dirt and moisture off footwear, they look pretty cool and are super hardwearing.

Scandi Retail 

The popularity of the Scandinavian look isn’t going away, and we think Alba in Brown is a perfect compliment to the look.


We have already covered how important colour is in general, but not forgetting the importance of Pantone® colour matching for your entrance matting. We are able to Pantone® colour match company logos to be included on entrance matting, or get creative and have the whole of your entrance matting Pantone® colour matched to your brand colours.


Consideration of texture can sometimes be an afterthought, but is one of the key essential factors when planning a room. Textures add to the overall experience of a room.

We have a range of different types of textured matting. For example, our Plan.a entrance matting offers modern and futuristic textures to interiors, due to the aluminum and insert materials that have been used to create it.

Another contrasting example is our PathMaster Duo range. This flooring range is better suited to a building that needs to create an environment with more child friendly textures, such as a nursery. This range contains carpet only, resulting in overall softer texture. 


Dark entrance matting can suck light out of a space. Consider fighting this with a light wall colour to lift the space. Remember that colour is a reflection of light, so this will have an impact on the colour scheme. Light coloured walls will absorb the colours from surrounding elements such as entrance matting.


Consider how the entrance matting will flow through the rest of the building and complement interior flooring. Aim to create good visual flow by carefully considering flooring, lighting and colour choices starting at the entrance of the building.


Explore different themes for your entrance. Think about the theme that you would like to create when selecting all design elements. Themes are a good way to create a cohesive look within a space. We’ve put a few theme ideas together in the colour section of this post that are good starting points for trying to create a theme.


We are aware of the shift taking place in recent years, which focuses on being environmentally responsible with all aspects of interior design.

Our Premier Grip interlocking tile system is made from 100% recycled materials, making it the environmentally friendly choice. Other products in the Premier Entrance Tile range are produced from 80% recycled materials.

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