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Do you offer site surveys or visits?

Yes, we do. We offer free site surveys to our customers throughout the UK. Our experienced sales team operates nationwide and they are more than happy to visit your premises to assess your requirements and make recommendations. We regularly accompany our distributors on site visits.

Does COBA Europe offer guarantees?

Yes, many of our products have guarantees. Please refer to individual products for guarantee details and warranty periods.

Which entrance matting systems scrape the best?

Plan.a Needlepunch or Plan.b with Brushes are the best entrance matting systems which scrape best.

Which entrance matting systems absorb better?

Entrance matting with a high percentage of carpet will deliver the best moisture absorbing performance, combined with scraping inserts. We have Alba or Needlepunch carpet options availble. Our team can specify the ideal combination of inserts on your matting that will be suitable for your needs.

Approximately how long should my entrance matting last?

This all depends on the environment the entrance matting has been installed in, and whether it has been correctly specified for its purpose. A good cleaning and maintenance routine will also help to prolong its life.

Over time does the colour of your entrance mats fade / discolour?

Carpet can fade within time, our warranties vary between 2 years – 10 years.

Can entrance matting be fitted on top of all floor types?

Premier Surface has been designed to be laid on the floor surface – a mat well is not required. Good for high footfall hardwearing carpet inserts.

Do your entrance mats reduce moisture and dirt being walked into the building?

Yes, all of our entrance matting has been designed to reduce moisture being walked into buildings.

How do I find out what the best entrance mat is for my needs?

Our knowledgeable sales teams are based in offices throughout Europe and South Africa, they are here to help you make the right decision. We can provide free product samples and conduct site surveys. We also have a helpful after-sales Customer Service team. If you have a query, we confidently answer it, usually in your own language.

How does aluminum entrance matting perform with snow and moisture?

Aluminium entrance matting is good at wiping shoes, and can enable debris or moisture to fall through the mat (open construction) – keeping the surface debris free.

What type of entrance matting do you recommend in a revolving door?

We would suggest our Plan.a aluminium system or alternatively our Premier products in a revolving door.

How long will it take to produce entrance matting?

Entrance matting, production time depends on which product you select, as some products are on the shelf items and some are bespoke. Please contact our sales team who will be able to advise accordingly

Are there any benefits for installing aluminium entrance matting?

Aluminium systems can be more luxurious products, which are more hard wearing and have a longer warranty. We’ve also investigated in detail if aluminium entrance matting is worth the investment.

Where is the best place to fit entrance matting?

We recommend when choosing an entrance matting system that zoning is considered. In order to determine the correct product. We’ve also put together these tips for first time buyers.

What are my options if I don’t have a mat well?

There are a number of entrance matting options available if you don’t have a mat well. Our Premier Surface range has been specifically designed to be laid directly on to the floor surface, so there is no need for a mat well.

What is the best way to clean my entrance matting?

How you clean and maintain your entrance matting system depends on the type of system that you have. We’ve put together a comprehensive cleaning and maintenance guide for all COBA entrance matting systems.

What size entrance matting do I need?

The first place to start is with a free site survey, our sales team will come to your premises and make matting recommendations to suit your  environment and budget, helping you get the very best from your investment. Whether it is down to product choice, or measuring the area in which the matting is to be installed, our sales representatives can help.  Mistakes can be costly; we help you get it right first time.

Why do I need entrance matting?

Entrance Matting is crucial for underfoot safety to prevent slips and trips. The matting can stop dirt and moisture being walked into buildings, and can reduce cleaning and maintenance costs. Effective entrance matting can prolong the life of your interior floor coverings.

What types of entrance matting are available?

We have a wide range of entrance matting systems available in a number of materials such as; Aluminium, and PVC tile options. There are systems suitable for mat wells or systems that can be laid directly to the floor. The entrance matting comes in three different formats; interlinking entrance tiles, carpet on rolls and custom aluminium entrance matting systems.

I have a logo and text I would like to incorporate on an entrance mat, do you offer these options?

Yes, we can incorporate your company logo or text, onto a logo mat. Up-to 6 colours can be used from a choice of 40. We also offer a Pantone colour matching service to ensure your logo will look great.

Which entrance matting is best for outdoor use?

The best outdoor entrance matting option is Plan.a with PVC scrapers.

Do you make large entrance matting?

Yes we can make bespoke entrance matting, made to measure entrance matting. Simply contact us.

Do you offer free samples?

Yes, upon request, we will swiftly post you as many or as few, of the product samples you require, in the colours that you require them in, all of which are clearly labeled for your reference. Free samples can very often be with you by the next day.

Do you do bespoke matting?

Some of our matting products are available in custom made sizes.  You can reference the size guide in the specification details relating to individual products.  Products that are available in custom sizes are usually described as ‘special sizes available on request’.  Please note that delivery times are normally longer when matting is ‘made to order’.  It is not just size either. Some of our entrance mats can incorporate bespoke logos, such as Logo Mat.

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