Cleaning and Maintenance Guide

This ‘how to clean entrance matting’ guide has been compiled to assist COBA’s customers in developing an effective cleaning and maintenance programme for their various entrance mat systems and doormats. Installation methods vary according to the entrance matting choice, but will either be fitted in recessed mat-wells or laid to the floor surface, as a conventional loose floor mat.

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Entrance matting is an investment in interior floor covering protection and very importantly, underfoot safety – even in dry dust/debris situations.

Selecting the right matting for specific entrance areas is imperative for effective scraping/ wiping benefits and durability. This is where evaluating not only the primary purpose of the matting (ie scraping or moisture wiping) but also the levels of footfall is essential for assessing whether entrance matting is suitable for Light, Medium or Heavy Duty use. With the right matting in place, a well planned strategy for regular mat cleaning/maintenance is essential for optimum performance, product lifespan and return on investment.

Traffic Level Vacuum Spot Cleaning Hot Water Extraction
Light Every 2-3 Days As Needed Annually
Medium Daily As Needed Every 6 Months
Heavy Daily As Needed Quarterly

We have a wide range of entrance matting systems available to suit all budgets and requirements.

  • Asphalt / Tar
    • White spirit or solvent spot remover followed by a dry foam carpet shampoo or hot water extraction.
  • Blood
    • Apply cold water first, then a strong solution (1 teaspoon in
 1⁄2 pint of water) of biological washing powder in cold water, if stain persists. (Enzymes will digest majority of the stain).
  • Chewing Gum
    • Apply freeze spray chewing gum remover, scrape the residue, then carpet shampoo.
  • Chocolate
    • Cold water followed by dry foam carpet shampoo.
  • Coffee, Cocoa or drinking chocolate
    • Wash immediately with cold or warm mild detergent solution, followed by solvent spot remover to remove residual fat.
  • Cigarette burns
    • Scrape off carefully using a sharp short bladed knife, then treat with a lukewarm mild detergent solution. In the case of a severe burn on COBA Europe carpets, a leather punch (1 1⁄2” diameter) can be used to cut out the burn and then the area filled by a circle from the carpet remnants.
  • Excrement
    • Mild detergent solution.
  • Fat, oil or grease
    • Solvent spot remover followed by mild detergent solution.
  • Fatty food
    • Lukewarm biological washing powder solution (1 teaspoon in 1⁄2 pint of warm water). If stain persists after drying, solvent spot remover can be used.
  • Ink
    • First water then solvent spot remover.
  • Nail varnish
    • Acetone (not nail varnish re-mover).
  • Red wine
    • Apply cold water first, then a solution (1 teaspoon in 1⁄2 pint of water) of biological washing powder in cold water.
  • Urine
    • Diluted white vinegar solution (acetic acid) followed by mild detergent solution. For old stains consult a professional cleaner.
  • Vomit
    • Mild detergent solution then treat with diluted protein spot remover.

We’re able to offer fast entrance matting installs and turnaround times when you need it.

We are a Construction line / CSCS Registered / Safe Contractor Company.

General Tips

Spot Cleaning

Removal of spots and spills is inevitable and the golden rule is to deal with these as soon as possible for maximum effectiveness. Depending on each stain, removal products and techniques will vary and in most cases it is recommended that a professional carpet cleaning company with specialist stain technicians is contacted. Handheld spot vacuum cleaning equipment can be useful for the swift sucking up of spilt liquids. COBA’s entrance tile products also allow for easy tile replacement without the need to invest in an entirely new system should they become stained or damaged.

Removal of Dry Soil and Dry Debris

Dry soil is the most common type of soiling to remove from entrance matting and doormats. It can normally be cleaned with an effective vacuum cleaner with relative ease. A regular dry vacuuming schedule will help to reduce soil particles sinking deeper into the carpet pile. In some cases, the matting design is deliberate to allow soil to ‘fall through’ the mat for this very reason. The matting can be lifted and the soil/ debris swept/vacuumed away with ease.


Regular vacuuming is essential for the removal of dry soil from carpet entrance mats to retain a smart appearance. If ignored, dirt particles can be trodden deeper into the mat’s fibres crushing the pile, while becoming sharp, gritty and potentially damaging. This makes cleaning more difficult and matting itself dull in appearance and less effective. Vacuuming is recommended on a daily basis – at least once a day for busy pedestrian traffic. Lighter traffic areas can be cleaned every other day or as required.

Pile Lift Vacuum Cleaning

Pile lifting requires a different type of vacuum cleaner (usually with a dual motor) that is more aggressive in removing deeply embedded soil, and effectively separates the fibres to restore the pile. This should be carried out periodically according to the level of use. Obviously heavy duty areas will require this more frequently (please see table below for frequency recommendations).

Deep Cleaning Hot Water Extraction

This is recommended from time-to- time for a thorough, deep clean and especially important for hygiene, such as in hospitals, schools, hotels and restaurants. There are specialist carpet cleaning companies who will perform this task although hot water extraction equipment is also available from a variety of hire companies for rental/purchase. There is a Carpet Cleaning Standard (S001-1991) by the IICRC for further guidelines. The hot water extraction method involves a solution of water and cleaning agent being sprayed onto the pile and then powerfully vacuumed, which ‘sucks up’ the solution and dirty soil into a holding tank.

If in doubt, please consult COBA’s trained sales consultants who will provide more specific advice about cleaning / maintenance of individual entrance mat products.

Please note open surface mats will need to be lifted afterwards to remove moisture, as the water that goes through the mat is unlikely to be extracted back into the machine.

Premier Range

The simplicity of this interlocking tile system makes cleaning easy. Premier Grip Tiles – the 100% recycled PVC option with open holes – allows dirt to fall through the mat so simply lift and sweep or vacuum the area underneath. Should the matting itself need cleaning, then hose or pressure wash as required. Premier Track / Premier Plus Tiles – PVC with carpet insert – the tiles can be easily rolled and moved allowing for vacuuming of dirt and debris either in the recessed floor well or floor surface depending on the installation method. Regular vacuuming the matting surface is recommended to remove soil and loose debris. Please note when using the Hot Water Extraction method it is recommended to keep the tile connected and in situ. It is, however, possible to lift the entire matting out of the well, without disconnecting the tiles if preferred.


COBA’s aluminium entrance matting system is simple to maintain.

Closed Surface Profile

Daily – The average daily soiling must be removed using a vacuum cleaner. Using a vacuum cleaner with a rotating brush will give you the best results helping to release dirt, although any vacuum will do a great job.

Open Surface Profile

Weekly/Monthly – The entrance mat you wish to clean should be carefully rolled back, section by section, the base of the matwell should be thoroughly swept/vacuumed. Any debris caught in the channels of the matting should be removed before the mat is rolled back to its original position, you should always make sure to care not to drag the matting. Our Entrance Matting is designed to simply roll up and unroll again. Dragging the matting could cause damage. Please note Closed construction (non-rollable) matting should always follow the Daily Routine, but in addition on wiping aluminium channels with a mild detergent to help free any soiling.

Toughrib Contract & PathMaster

COBA’s range of carpet entrance matting should be treated using the same methods used for any other commercial carpets.

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