SYPTE Barnsley Interchange

Project: SYPTE Barnsley Interchange
Products: Premier FastTrack
Application: Entrance area
Installer: CD Carpets Ltd


Premier FastTrack









The COBA Flooring team recently supplied Barnsley Interchange with brand-new entrance matting. Five separate entrance areas were completed with our matting solution, which is 90 m2 of floor covering.

The matting was installed at the public main entrances to the bus station and was a replacement for the tiles that had been installed previously by COBA, which had come to the end of their useful life. The worn-out mats were no longer retaining water effectively, which caused the internal floors to become slippery – a serious slipping hazard for pedestrian traffic. Richard Holden, the Infrastructure Coordinator, was looking for an entrance mat solution that assisted with moisture capture to avoid causing a slip hazard.

Premier FastTrack is slip tested to BS 7976-2 and has a ‘low slip potential’, which will help alleviate the main issue Barnsley Interchange was facing. The entrance matting product also stood out for Richard due to the hardwearing material, lifespan of the product and general appearance.

COBA Flooring’s Premier range interlocking tiles deliver a balance between performance and convenience, the tiles effectively remove moisture and debris, even from wheeled trolleys, without buckling. These exceptionally durable carpet inserts are manufactured from ECONYL®, a recycled nylon material made from discarded fishing nets and other sources which match the green credential criteria of the project, making it the obvious choice for this site.

CD Carpets Ltd assisted with the successful installation. The interlocking tiles are ideal for an easy and quick installation, avoiding an entrance being closed for a long period of time while the installation takes place. The tiles can easily be cut to fit any space and fewer tools are required for installation than other entrance matting solutions.

We, at COBA Flooring, would like to thank everyone involved with this project for choosing COBA Flooring as the number one supplier. We know that these tiles will enhance the safety of the building for years to come.

Premier FastTrack

Premier FastTrack

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