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Enhancing Safety and Aesthetics at Sheffield Power Plant with COBA Flooring’s COBAGRiP®️ Solutions

In a recent project near Sheffield, Max Proudlock, Sales Account Manager for the Northern Area for COBA Flooring, successfully collaborated with A Cumberlidge, a highly regarded flooring contractor to the building trade, to provide a comprehensive GRP flooring solution for a power plant facility. The installation project, managed by Malc from COBA Flooring, showcased the efficiency and professionalism of the company’s services, leaving the end user thoroughly satisfied with the results.

The specific requirements of the power plant project demanded a reliable non-slip floor covering for external stairs and walkways. COBA Flooring’s COBAGRiP®️ Treads, recommended by Max for their exceptional non-slip properties, were identified as the ideal solution.

GRP Treads

Malc visited the site to conduct precise measurements. COBA Flooring’s commitment to quality was evident as the COBAGRiP®️ were pre-cut in-house, ensuring a perfect fit for the installation. To accommodate the end user’s schedule, COBA Flooring’s installation team, consisting of Rich and Ajay, went above and beyond by conducting the installation on a Sunday. Their expertise and efficiency were evident as they completed the installation in just one day.

GRP Treads

A Cumberlidge was impressed with the result, stating, “That looks very good. Thank you for a top job and pro service.” This positive feedback underscores COBA Flooring’s commitment to delivering excellence in both product quality and service.


The COBAGRiP®️ treads, a Glass glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) composite, offer a durable and non-slip solution for various applications. The coarse grit surface minimises the risk of slips in wet, oily, or icy conditions, making it an ideal choice for industrial settings. The product is available in different formats, including sheets, stair treads, and nosing, and comes in standard colours such as black, grey, and yellow.


COBA Flooring’s GRP products not only enhance aesthetics but also contribute to creating safe floor surfaces, aligning with health and safety requirements. The glass-reinforced plastic composite provides a robust foundation for preventing slip accidents in challenging environments.In conclusion, COBA Flooring’s collaboration with A Cumberlidge and the dedicated efforts of Max on theSheffield power plant project exemplifies the company’s commitment to delivering top-notch GRP flooring solutions. The successful installation of COBAGRiP®️ Treads not only enhances safety at the facility but al sounder scores the company’s dedication to customer satisfaction. Choose COBA Flooring for unrivalled quality and professional service in GRP solutions.

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