Novotel Hotel London Paddington | Plan.a Entrance Mat with Alba insert

COBA Flooring’s Solution for Novotel Hotel London Paddington Revolving Door Entrance

COBA Flooring completed an installation project at the Novotel Hotel London Paddington for an entrance matting solution underneath a revolving door. The project aimed to provide a durable and aesthetically pleasing solution to withstand heavy foot traffic.

Harrison Norton, the sales account manager at COBA Flooring, spearheaded this project in collaboration with Bowreach Ltd. The initial site survey was conducted by Harrison himself, with installation carried out by COBA Flooring installers Rich and Ajay. When dealing with unique shapes and motor housings on revolving doors, any errors can be time-consuming and costly. Our installation team knows our products inside out and can ensure that installations underneath a revolving door can be done seamlessly and avoid downtime at an entrance.

The old matting at Novotel Hotel London Paddington’s revolving door entrance mat was experiencing significant wear and tear due to thousands of foot traffic each day. The contractor specified the need for a solution rather than a simple replacement, emphasising the importance of durability and efficiency in coping with heavy foot traffic.

Harrison recommended the use of Plan.a Low Profile Alba Grey entrance matting, known for its high-end performance and durability. The Plan.a matting, featuring an aluminium rail system linked with flexible joints, not only enhances absorption and scraping capabilities but also ensures longevity in busy environments. The low-profile version of Plan.a was chosen to suit the shallower mat well at the revolving door entrance.

The installation process, led by COBA Flooring installers Rich and Ajay, showcased expert craftsmanship in fitting the Plan.a matting seamlessly into the existing entrance configuration. The use of ECONYL® regenerated nylon in the matting material underscored COBA Flooring’s commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. ECONYL®, a diverse blend of waste materials, including post-industrial and post-consumer sources such as textiles, old carpets, fishing nets, and industrial scraps.

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The installation of Plan.a Low Profile Alba Grey entrance matting provided Novotel Hotel London Paddington with a durable and aesthetically pleasing solution to enhance the appearance and functionality of its revolving door entrance. The project not only addressed the immediate need for matting replacement but also ensured long-term durability and efficiency in coping with heavy foot traffic.

Harrison’s expert advice, combined with the installation teams’ expertise in installing high-quality entrance matting solutions, resulted in the successful completion of the project at Novotel Hotel London Paddington.

The collaboration with Bowreach Ltd and the meticulous installation process highlight COBA Flooring’s commitment to delivering tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of each client.

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