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Luton Dart Case Study | COBAGRiP® Sheets | COBAGRiP® stair treads | Plan.a Entrance mats

Product: COBAGRiP® Sheets | COBAGRiP® stair treads | Plan.a Entrance mats with Needlepunch Inserts

Application: Walkways | Stairs | Entrance Matting

Project: Luton DART

Main Contractor: Kier and Volkerfitzpatrick Joint Venture

Installer: COBA Flooring

Address: Hart House Business Centre, Kimpton Road, Luton, LU2 0LA

In a recent project, the expert team at COBA Flooring collaborated with Kier and Volkerfitzpatrick to provide a comprehensive solution for ensuring safety and improving aesthetics at the Luton Dart station. By supplying GRP sheets, GRP stair treads, and entrance matting. We covered nearly 350m2 of GRP Sheet, 53 GRP Steps, 40m2 Matting, we also supplied them 2 x bespoke steel ramps (which we sub contracted out) for Luton Dart.

The Luton DART is an innovative passenger transit system, connecting Luton Airport Parkway station to London Luton Airport in under 4 minutes. The new link replaces the original bus shuttle, delivering a significantly better passenger experience to the airport.

Enhancing Safety with GRP Flooring:

To mitigate the risk of slips and falls on external pedestrian stairs and walkways, COBA Flooring recommended the use of GRP (glass-reinforced plastic) flooring. The COBAGRiP® range of products, crafted from a durable fibreglass composite, offers numerous benefits as safe floor surfaces that comply with health and safety requirements. The coarse grit surface of COBAGRiP® ensures a high level of slip resistance even in wet, oily, or icy conditions. By installing GRP sheets and stair treads, Luton Dart can significantly reduce the likelihood of accidents and provide a safe passage for passengers.

GRP Stair Treads- A Complete Solution:

COBA Flooring’s GRP stair treads were the perfect choice for Luton Dart’s requirements. Designed to cover the entire step area, the treads provide effective stair protection while offering a gritty finish that enhances traction for passengers entering the building. With their robust construction and slip-resistant properties, the stair treads serve as a reliable and durable solution that meets the demands of high foot traffic volumes at the station. By installing COBAGRiP® stair treads, Luton Dart ensures passenger safety while maintaining a visually appealing environment.


Luton Park Way30 (1)

COBAGRiP® Sheets- Versatile and Practical:

In addition to the GRP stair treads, COBA Flooring also supplied COBAGRiP® sheets for installation inside the station. These sheets, known for their ease of installation, serve as an anti-slip solution for both internal and external areas. By incorporating COBAGRiP® sheets in the link bridge of the station, Luton Dart ensures a slip-resistant surface that enhances safety for passengers navigating through the building. The sheets’ ability to withstand high volumes of foot traffic further solidifies their suitability for the station environment.


Luton Park Way05

The Welcoming Entrance- Plan.a with Needlepunch Inserts:

Completing the project, COBA Flooring installed the Plan.a entrance mat with Needlepunch inserts, complemented by an aluminium frame. This entrance matting solution serves a dual purpose: practicality and aesthetics. By incorporating Needlepunch inserts into the Plan.a entrance mat, COBA Flooring ensured the effective removal of dirt, debris, and moisture from shoe soles as passengers enter the building. Not only does this promote cleanliness, but it also reduces the risk of slips caused by wet or soiled footwear. The aluminium frame not only enhances the mat’s functionality but also adds a touch of elegance, creating a warm and inviting entrance for passengers.

Luton Park Way24

Through the deployment of COBA Flooring’s GRP sheets, GRP stair treads, and entrance matting, Luton Dart has successfully addressed safety concerns and improved the overall appearance of the station. The incorporation of COBAGRiP® products provides passengers with a secure and slip-resistant passage, ensuring their safety throughout the station premises. Additionally, the Plan.a entrance mat with Needlepunch inserts offers practicality and visual appeal, leaving a lasting positive impression on visitors. With COBA Flooring’s expertise and high-quality products, Luton Dart has achieved a safer and more welcoming environment for all its passengers!

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