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Bedfordshire University’s Luton campus | Plan.a Needlepunch Closed Construction Entrance Matting

COBA Flooring, in collaboration with contractor Woods Flooring Milton Keynes, successfully completed an installation project at Bedfordshire University’s Luton campus. The project aimed to replace ageing matting with a durable and aesthetically pleasing Plan.a Needlepunch Closed Construction Matting to withstand high foot traffic.

Plan.a is a high-end entrance matting product and is also COBA Flooring’s best-selling solution. Offering excellent product performance along with options for design customisation. Plan.a can be tailored to suit an array of building styles and entrance configurations. Comprised of an aluminium rail system linked with flexible joints, it offers the utmost durability for busy buildings. Genuinely handmade to order in the UK, providing reassurance of precision and quality. Needlepunch inserts are available in charcoal and grey to be sympathetic to most commercial entrance designs and offer a less expensive carpet surface that still provides effective cleaning action. Bedfordshire University’s Luton campus opted for the charcoal option.

Bedfordshire University's Luton campus

Harrison Norton, the sales account manager at COBA Flooring, spearheaded this project. The survey was conducted by Harrison himself, with installation carried out by COBA Flooring installers Rich and Ajay.

The previous matting at Bedfordshire University’s Luton campus was showing signs of ageing and wear, necessitating a replacement. The new matting needed to not only provide durability but also seamlessly integrate with the existing infrastructure, including navigating around obstacles such as support beams.

The installation process showcased expert craftsmanship in seamlessly cutting and shaping the matting around obstacles such as support beams. T-Bar joins were strategically aligned with new door placements to create an aesthetically pleasing channel for footfall traffic.

COBA Flooring recommended the use of Plan A Standard, a 17mm Needlepunch charcoal matting, closed construction for its durability and aesthetic appeal. The survey conducted by Harrison ensured that the installation process would be meticulous, with special attention given to cutting and shaping the matting to fit around obstacles seamlessly.

The installation of Plan A Standard matting provided Bedfordshire University with a like-for-like replacement that is expected to stand the test of time, coping with the thousands of foot traffic passing through the campus each day. The project not only addressed the immediate need for matting replacement but also ensured a long-lasting solution that contributes to the campus’s functionality and aesthetics.

COBA Flooring’s collaboration with Woods Flooring Milton Keynes and the meticulous attention to detail from COBA Flooring installation team resulted in the successful completion of the project at Bedfordshire University’s Luton campus. The project highlights COBA Flooring’s commitment to providing durable and aesthetically pleasing flooring solutions tailored to the unique needs of each client.

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