Premier Track

Protect internal flooring with heavy-duty, premium quality entrance tiles

Premier range interlocking tiles deliver a balance between performance and convenience. Tiles are available in closed or open surface finishes depending on whether daily cleaning is expected in the building. The matting should be sited in a matwell of an appropriate depth, and this can be finished with aluminium trims. Features our Alba carpet inserts, which are made from ECONYL®, a diverse blend of waste materials, including post-industrial and post-consumer sources such as textiles, old carpets, fishing nets, and industrial scraps. ECONYL® regenerated nylon performs the same as brand-new nylon but is more sustainable and helps clean up our oceans.

Features and Benefits

  • Effectively removes moisture and debris, even from wheeled trolleys, without buckling.
  • Safe for high heeled footwear, heels won’t get stuck in the tiles.
  • Move, clean or replace individual tiles – they clip together with ease.
  • Easily cut to shape, so you can fit to any space and install faster with fewer specialist tools.
  • Exceptionally durable carpet inserts manufactured from ECONYL®, a recycled nylon material made from discarded fishing nets and other sources.
  • Ideal for recessed entrance wells.
  • Fire tested to BS EN 13501-1 and slip tested to BS 7976-2.

Technical Specification

Uniclass: Pr_35_57_11_26 Entrance mats

CAWS: N10 / 300 Entrance Matting

Material: ECONYL® Regenerated Nylon inserts in PVC tile

Product Height: 13.5 mm

Hole Size: 290 mm x 440 mm

Environmental Resistance: Suitable for dry environments

Typical Applications: Entrance areas

Installation Method: Installed in to recessed well

Fire Tested to: BS EN 13501-1 Class Cfl – s2

COO (Country of Origin): UK

Guarantee: 5 years

Notes: Alba is a tufted carpet product and therefore its appearance can vary depending on the direction of the pile and the light in the surrounding environment. To achieve a uniform appearance consider hoovering the product in a single direction. Slip resistance specifications are based on the correct direction of travel i.e. perpendicular to the channels and inserts.

Slip Tested to: BS 7976-2 – low slip potential

Tile height: 12.5 mm

Styles and Colours





Technical Drawings

PremierTrack in a Recessed Matwell

PremierTrack in a Recessed Matwell

PremierTrack on Surface with a Ramped Edge

PremierTrack on Surface with a Ramped Edge

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