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Entrance areas are a building’s weakest point against the elements, with busy doorways handling a surprising volume of dirt and moisture each day. COBA Flooring’s specialist range of BIM-ready door entrance matting solutions helps buildings combat contaminants, protecting interior surfaces and reducing the long-term maintenance burden.

Our range of construction and surface options includes everything from simple ribbed carpet to robust aluminium systems. In our latest brochure, you’ll discover all of our entrance matting systems and floor coverings. Take a look at our most recent projects for inspiration on an entrance mat where you’ll discover that we’ve completed installations in an array of sectors from healthcare to the public sector with our entrance door mats.

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What is an Entrance Mat?

Entrance mats serve as a primary means to capture dirt, absorb moisture, and collect debris from footwear. Crafted from diverse materials and available in various sizes, colors, and styles, each with its specific purpose.

The advantages of employing entryway matting encompass:

  1. Prolonging the cleanliness of your floors.
  2. Mitigating slip incidents resulting from wet and soiled floors.
  3. Enhancing the welcoming ambiance for visitors upon entry.
  4. Safeguarding floors against potential damage caused by stones and grit.

What size is suitable for my entrance mat?

Selecting the right size for your entrance mat can significantly impact its performance. The general guideline is that when it comes to entrance mats, larger is better! This is because effective matting requires consistent foot contact, and a larger mat allows for more opportunities to step on it, thereby enhancing its dirt-removing capabilities.

Our entrance matting comes in various sizes, ranging from 60cm x 90cm, perfect for domestic doorways, to 115cm x 180cm, ideal for expansive commercial entrances. Additionally, we offer extra-long runners and customizable door mats, allowing you to choose the precise size that suits your requirements.

While the standard thickness of our entrance mats is 9mm, there is a variety of options available, ranging from our 5mm thin door mats to our 11mm thick absorbent mats.

Make Entrance Matting a Priority

Entrance matting should never be an after-thought, especially considering it’s one of the first things you see when entering a building. We’ll help you spec the right product the first time so that your entrance not only looks the part but saves time, money and waste in the long run.

A commercial entrance mat can help improve the safety of your facility, especially in wet weather areas. Due to shoes dried on the entrance mat. It increases slip resistance and also collects any unwanted debris which could be walked into the building from visitors’ shoes. A dust control entrance mat ensures that the environment is as safe as possible, preventing slips, trips, and falls on hard surfaces. The primary purpose of entrance matting systems is to effectively trap and retain dirt, moisture, and debris brought in on the shoes of people entering the building. They provide a barrier between the outdoor environment and the interior floors, preventing dirt and moisture from being tracked further inside. This helps to maintain cleaner and safer indoor environments, reducing the risk of slip and fall accidents, minimising floor damage, and improving indoor air quality.

Entrance matting systems are typically made of high-quality materials that are designed to withstand heavy foot traffic and harsh weather conditions. They are engineered to effectively scrape and trap dirt particles while absorbing moisture. These mats come in various designs, sizes, and types, including roll mats, modular tiles, or recessed mats, allowing them to be customised to suit different entrance configurations and aesthetic preferences. In addition to their functional benefits, entrance matting systems can also contribute to the overall visual appeal of a building’s entrance. They are available in a wide range of colours, patterns, and textures, enabling them to blend seamlessly with the surrounding decor and architectural style.

Overall, entrance matting systems play a crucial role in maintaining cleanliness, safety, and the longevity of indoor flooring, making them an essential component of well-designed and well-maintained buildings.

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